We believe fresh food tastes better! That is why our products are found in the refrigerated section.  All of our snacks feature plant-based dietary fats, making our products super-luxurious tasting. However, these fats will begin to taste rancid when left at room temperature for months to oxidize. Our products are also dehydrated slowly and at low temperatures to protect these beneficial dietary fats. In addition, subtle flavor nuances are more complex and intense when ingredients are not baked or roasted.  Pure ingredients like, organic virgin coconut oil, vanilla extract, raw nuts and nut flours are more flavorful when not exposed to high temps. In fact, when you allow our Bites to reach room temperature out of refrigeration they become moist like cookie dough and will literally melt-in-your-mouth. Why? Because they are made with coconut oil, which is hard under refrigeration, yet melts at room temperature.

Hail Merry products are also free from dairy, wheat, gluten, grains, soy, corn, and are all certified NON-GMO.  At the end of the day we believe Mother Nature got it right the first time and that we should eat foods as close to nature as possible, free from overly processed oils, chemicals and additives.