We couldn't be happier to please and excite our fans. Read what people are saying about Hail Merry Snacks.

I live a very high fat, no grain diet when I’m in racing season for ultra’s. If it wasn’t for your amazing deserts, my diet would be near impossible! Thank you!
— @rollicking_runner
Yum! Best athlete snack/fuel for yours truly!
— @rollicking_runner
I have been a vegan for two years now, and I try to eat raw as much as I can, and this product opened me up to a whole new world of delicious raw food! I can’t say thank you enough to companies like yours, who start with great values of natural whole foods and create products to improve people’s health and well-being! Keep on rocking at what you do!
— M.V.
I just wanted to share that I am currently enrolled in yoga teacher training and as part of the program we are doing a detox. Oh gosh, let me tell you, if it weren’t for Hail Merry Grawnola and Macaroons, I’d have cheated so many times by now. Your snacks are keeping me sane because they are delicious AND detox-legal!!
— Rachel Cheam
I love your Hail Merry products. My colleague and I went on a strict Vegan regimen for about 12 weeks and Hail Merry saved our sweet tooth and us.
— Pamela, Irving TX
I wish I could wash your car for the rest of your life, or baby-sit or in some way demonstrate my appreciation for your great products, but for now, and again, THANK YOU!
— S. Allen-Smith, Professional Organizer
Our two young kids suffer from GI ailments and our youngest is autistic. What an absolute treat to be able to feed them something that tastes so sinfully good! Keep up the fabulous work!
— Mary K, Dallas, TX
I just indulged in “Merry’s Miracle Tart” and I’m pretty sure that is what Heaven will be like!!!
— M Levins, Media Buyer
I was happy to see that my favorite snack/dessert company has a paleo Chief Nutrition Officer/Marketing Director! Hundreds of fellow paleo-like eaters I work with have Hail Merry products on the top of their list as favorite foods :)
— Remy, Chicago, IL
All of the products I’ve tried have been great. Overall, great products and great people. I highly recommend trying these products for yourself if you haven’t already!
— Rachel, PassingDaisies.net
I lived 20 years in France and your tart is the closest to the Tarte au Chocolat that we had there. Congratulations!
— Felice Boulder
I just wanted to send a quick to note to say “Thank you”! I recently started a vegan diet, and sweets, baked goods, and chocolate were the hardest things to give up. You have saved me from breaking my vegan diet countless times. I am in love with your macaroons and tarts, and am SO happy I found them. The taste is just unreal- much better than the non-vegan desserts I was used to. Bravo!
— A. Frey
Let me add my “Hail Merry” to the chorus! I went on your website because I had my first Hail Merry products this weekend. OMG! Sooo good! I’ve had other raw desserts that were good but, yours are more refined and, yep, heavenly! I could feel the energy of consciousness in your food so your story did not surprise me. Thank you for bringing consciousness and quality food together.
— A. Louis
I just wanted to send a quick to note to say “THANK YOU for making such nice desserts with ingredients which are not harmful, and in fact helpful to the body! My daughter and I are vegan and very much appreciate your product, as there are times we want something sweet and really don’t have three hours to spend preparing it. Your ingredients are wholesome and I love that you use RAW nuts, which is so important to the body. I so appreciate that there are so few ingredients in your foods, as well. People who eat as we do wish there were more companies which produced prepared foods that were not harmful to the human body. You are so appreciated! Keep up the good work.
— Cher, San Antonio, TX
I can honestly say your chocolate tart is a miracle. one of the best chocolate I’ve ever had. I live in nyc and have access and been exposed to everything, but nothing compares to all your chocolate stuff that I’ve tried. thank you so much for sharing and providing us with your magical art of blending! peace and love.
— em