Merry Bites™ offers adults the elevated pure snacking experience they expect, while also tasting so incredibly fresh and delicious that kids love them too!   Parents can also feel good about Merry Bites™ clean ingredients.  We love energizing coconut oil for its medium chain fats but mostly for the luxurious mouth feel it gives our snacks.  We also love sweet almond flour because it contains good fats, is gluten-free, Paleo, and makes our Merry Bites™ super moist and satisfying. 

We dehydrate our Merry Bites™ at low temperatures to protect the delicate raw fats in the organic virgin coconut oil and almond flour.  This unique process helps maintain freshness, and leaves our dough super moist, which makes for an absolutely unparalleled taste experience. Raw nuts and virgin coconut oil taste better when they are not heated to high temperatures from baking or roasting. Coconut oil does melt at 76 degrees, so when you eat these at room temperature they literally melt in your mouth. Refrigeration will preserve freshness, however it is best to eat these at room temperature. Loved by Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Vegans, Paleos, or anyone seeking great tasting pure ingredient snacks.

*Hail Merry sources raw nuts and nut flours which have been pasteurized for your protection. For more information on our low temp dehydration process please check our FAQ page.

We recently changed our name from Macaroons to Merry Bites™, because we felt like Merry Bites™ better described the elevated experience our recipes offer, especially the enhanced Caramel Sea Salt, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Salted Brownie flavors which contain much more almond flour for moistness. For those of you who love our famous award winning original recipes, do not worry, the Dark Chocolate, Pure Vanilla and Lemon macaroon recipes have not changed the coconut/almond flour ratios. Our Blonde Macaroon name was replaced with Pure Vanilla Merry Bites™.  We felt that Pure Vanilla best describes this recipe especially since we added additional organic vanilla for a more intense flavor experience.  See Nutrition Info Below.