While traveling on the island of Maui, Hail Merry Founder, Susan O’Brien, stumbled upon the raw foods movement. She was immediately fascinated with how superfoods, living foods, and raw plant-based dietary fats can improve overall health and wellbeing. She decided to learn all she could about the raw foods lifestyle, which challenged her entire approach to cooking and eating. Susan was particularly fascinated by the heart-healthy benefits of raw nuts, as well as the energizing qualities of organic virgin coconut oil. But what she loved most about these fats was how luxurious they can make foods taste. The notion of “have your cake and eat it, too” was forming within her. She began experimenting with desserts, crafting insanely delicious treats that provide indulgent satisfaction for mind, body and soul.

Susan perfected her favorite recipes, and soon turned her poolside cabana into a manufacturing kitchen. She launched Hail Merry in 2008 and has been revolutionizing the clean, indulgent snacking experience ever since.

The name “Hail Merry” represents the subtle juxtaposition of rebellious decadence and moments of reverence for also doing something good that exists within everyone. It’s the contradiction of mind-blowing indulgence from clean, plant-based ingredients. Ultimately, Hail Merry serves as your rallying cry if you want the Freedom to Indulge, knowing you're consuming insanely-delicious foods that are also good for your body.