Our products are Certified R.A.W.:

  • They must be Real, they must be 100% safe, must be NON-GMO Verified and a majority of the ingredients must be organic.
  • They must be Alive, the ingredients must have a high amount of bio-available enzymes based on testing using the revolutionary CytoSolve® technology.
  • They must be Whole, minimally processed, (below 212 degrees) and must have a high ANDI nutrient score.

Standards established and governed by The International Center for Integrated Systems

Our products are Certified C.L.E.A.N.:

  • They must be Conscious, or safe, based on the compliance standards defined in detail.
  • They must be Live, must be minimally processed, (below 212 degrees) and a majority of the ingredients must be organic.
  • They must be Ethical, the ingredients must be NON-GMO Verfified and should have been manufactured using humane processes.
  • They must be Active, have a high amount of bio-available enzymes and tested using the revolutionary CytoSolve® technology.
  • They must be Nourishing, as determined by ANDI Nutrient Score.

Standards established and governed by The International Center for Integrated Systems

Do any of your products contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms/food)?

We are proud to announce that our products are certified by the NonGMO Project, a non-profit organization, committed not only to verifying and labeling products, but also to supporting and coordinating efforts between seed breeders, farmers, processors and manufacturers. Their efforts protect and expand the availability of NON-GMO seeds, ingredients and products.

Are any of your ingredients fair trade?

Our dark cocoa powder and vegan dark chocolate chips are both Fair-Trade certified by Fair Trade USA, whose mission is to empower family farmers and workers around the world, while enriching the lives of those struggling in poverty. The Chocolate Tarts and Chocolate Merry Bites™ contain the dark cocoa.

Are the products gluten-free?

We are proud that our products are Certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.  GFCO provides consumers and manufacturers confidence in knowing that products labeled with the GFCO certification mark meet the strictest standards in the industry for gluten-free.

Are your snacks certified Vegan?

Yes, we are certified vegan by Vegan Action and free of animal or animal by-products including flesh, bones, dairy, eggs, honey, fur, leather, wool, down feathers, and cosmetics or chemical products tested on animals.

Are your snacks certified Kosher?

Our award winning snacks & desserts are Certified Kosher by Star K.  This is a thorough process, but we felt it was a high priority for all of our kosher customers.  We display this certification with pride.

Are any of your products Paleo friendly?

Paleo enthusiasts eat a diet strictly void of all grains and processed foods.  They are also very big on organic virgin coconut oil and raw nuts which Hail Merry uses predominately in our recipes.  They do not eat any refined sugars and if they do splurge on something sweet, they prefer maple syrup for its high vitamin and mineral payload.  Many hard core Paleo's do not eat any sugar unless it is from fruit which they also limit.  That is why we are considered PALEO FRIENDLY.  Many athletes love to eat our products as a pre-workout energizing snack. Coconut Oil's medium chain fat is a preferred fuel by many athletes prior to an epic work out.  

Why do we use Coconut Oil?

We use coconut oil for the luxurious taste and mouth feel it gives our Miracle Tarts® and Merry Bites™.  Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees so when our products begin to reach room temperature, they literally melt-in-your-mouth. We think that melt-in-your-mouth experience is why our products taste so amazing.  Coconut oil is also known for its beneficial medium chain fats and is used frequently by athletes and Paleo enthusiasts as an energizing fuel for the body.

What are Medium Chain Fats?

Coconut oil is a Medium Chain Fat that is rapidly absorbed by the body and is quickly metabolized (burned) as fuel (as opposed to long chain fats). The result of this accelerated metabolic conversion is that instead of being stored as fat, the calories contained in MCFs are very efficiently converted into fuel for immediate use by organs and muscles.

Why do we need to eat fat?

We need fats to be healthy and strong. Plant based fats like those found in nuts, seeds and coconut oil, contain fatty acids that make up our cell membranes, help with brain function, are necessary for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins (including A,C ,E, D & K) and for the production of energy and hormones. 

Do your products contain corn or soy?

No, all of the products are free of corn, soy, and starches.

Do Hail Merry products contain wheat, oats or any other grain? 

No, all of our products are grain-free and enjoyed by many who follow a Paleo diet.

Do Hail Merry products contain dairy?

No, all of our products are dairy free.

How does Hail Merry sweeten our products?

We do not use highly refined sugars. We use organic maple syrup, organic coconut sugar, and organic blue agave. The Seasoned Nuts contain small amounts of maple or organic coconut sugar. The Meyer Lemon and Persian Lime Miracle Tarts® contain organic blue agave. All other Miracle Tarts® are sweetened with organic maple syrup. The Merry Bites™ and Grawnola are sweetened with maple syrup. The Fair Trade Chocolate Chips in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Salted Brownie Merry Bites™ contain organic cane sugar.

Are your products low glycemic?

We do not like to technically refer to our products as being low glycemic since most do contain sugar.  What we do like to note is that when sugar is combined with fat and fiber the absorption of sugar is much slower into the blood stream.  Our products contain a high ratio of fat to sugar which helps with this slower absorption.  Our products also contain almond flour which contains fiber and also helps.  For those who are trying to keep sugar grams per serving to a minimum we suggest our Merry Bites which contain 7g of sugar per serving (2 Bites), or our Mini Miracle Tarts® which contain 3g - 6g of sugar per tart.

Is the coconut sugar grown using sustainable agriculture?

We source organic coconut sugar from Bali where 12,000 independent farmers have formed a cooperative to harvest the coconut trees on their land. They bring it to a central location to further process. This business and the demand for organic coconut sugar is changing lives in Bali. Sustainability is more than just organic, which our product is, it is about the people, the planet, our health and the economy. Big Tree Farms where we source our coconut sugar even made the production facility out of bamboo, which they call the bamboo Cathedral.

Why does Hail Merry dehydrate their Merry Bites™?

We low-temperature dehydrate our Merry Bites™ (macaroons) to protect the beneficial dietary plant based oils.  We believe that plant based dietary oils from raw nuts and virgin coconut oil taste better when they are not exposed to temperatures over 212 degrees. Our nuts flours and nuts have been steam pasteurized to eliminate any harmful pathogens, which is a critical step to insure public food safety.  However, because the steam pasteurization process does not exceed 212 degrees and is for a short period of time,  the dietary oils have not been fully oxidized and still remain as we like to call them "raw".  We believe that "raw" nuts and nut flours taste more fresh and are uniquely much more flavorful.  A good example of this is the difference in sweetness and freshness between a roasted nut compared to a non-roasted nut. To help maintain the freshness of our Merry Bites™ we like for them to be stored in the refrigerator.  It is not totally necessary but it is preferred for maximum flavor protection.  Our Merry Bites™ will maintain maximum freshness for 30 days unrefrigerated.   Our 2pk and 4pk Merry Bites™ are designed for 90 day shelf life with out refrigeration.

Lastly, coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, so when our Merry Bites™ begin to reach this temperature it makes them literally melt-in-your-mouth.  So bottom line is, it is best to store our Merry Bites™ in the cooler and enjoy them at room temp.  We believe it is also worth noting that we spent a great deal of time explaining above why we like to take such good care of our ingredients, it is because we love our food and want our fans to fully understand exactly why our products are so special and taste so delicious.

NOTE: Hail Merry products are all PEANUT-FREE but do contain tree nuts. The Dark Chocolate Merry Bites™ do not contain almond flour.

Why has the sugar grams on the 3.0oz Chocolate Tarts gone from 7 grams per serving to 26 grams?

Our serving size when we had 7 grams of sugar per serving was half of the 3 oz tart or 42 grams. We received guidance that we needed to express the serving size as a whole (85gram) tart. When we made the change to one serving being the whole tart the sugar grams doubled.

We were changing packaging designs and we chose to make a recipe change at the same time. We were concerned about the water shortage that is attributed to the almond crop. We also wanted more organic ingredients and a more sustainable supply of our flour. We chose to use a combination of organic coconut flour and the almond flour. The almond flour is primarily fat, fiber and protein and the organic coconut flour is primarily carbohydrates. The combination of the serving size change and the change to the recipe made the sugar grams change.