We like knowing that the Fair Trade cocoa we source is not contributing to child labor abuse.
— Susan OBrien


Dark chocolate is widely appreciated for its antioxidant benefits. Chocolate is also a known aphrodisiac containing tryptophan and phenylethylamine, usually released when people fall in love.  To us chocolate is not only beneficial to the body, but most importantly makes us happy when we eat it – which is a very good thing!  When I first set out to select a cocoa powder for our Hail Merry Miracle Tarts®, I presented over 10+ cocoa powders of different acidity and darkness to my husband for tasting.  We were continually drawn to this one specific variety of dark cocoa for it’s more mild acidity yet seriously rich complexity.  We still use the same dark cocoa spec for all of  our chocolate products. 

We donate 1% of sales of our chocolate products to Fair Trade USA, which insures that the farmers who grow our cocoa beans are treated fairly, receive living wages and most importantly do not exploit child labor. 

Susan O’Brien