We take enormous pride in our national award winning recipes which feature virgin coconut oil in our Miracle Tarts® and Merry Bites™.  We love coconut oil for the luxurious mouth-feel it gives our products and for its energizing Medium Chain Fats.  Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, so when our products reach room temperature they literally melt in your mouth and we love that!  Athletes also love coconut oil for the energizing Medium Chain Fats, and use coconut oil to help fuel endurance sports, making our tarts a perfect pre-work out snack.  I know my workouts are always more productive when I eat our chocolate almond butter tarts beforehand.

“I live a very high fat, no grain diet when I am in racing season for ultra’s. If it weren’t for your amazing desserts, my diet would be near impossible! Thank you!”
— @rollicking_runner

We also take tremendous pride in our commitment to sourcing organic first cold pressed virgin oil.  Virgin oil has a unique sweetness and fresh smell that gives our products the elevated snacking experience our fans have come to love.  We also protect the integrity of the virgin oil by low temperature dehydrating our Merry Bites™ rather than baking, which also makes them super moist and decadent tasting.

All of our organic shredded coconut and virgin coconut oil comes from family farmers in the Philippines.  Coconuts are the main source of livelihood for these farmers. Organic farmers receive a premium for each coconut harvested on top of the normal price paid per coconut.    We like knowing that the premium we pay for our coconut products goes towards bettering the life of these farmers and their surrounding communities.

Cheers to good health,
Susan O’Brien