Fourth of July Party Platter


Who doesn't love fresh fruit mixed with sweet lemon and coconut macaroons?  This delicious and gorgeous dessert platter is a great way to celebrate the holiday weekend with loved ones and friends. Extra points for carving a few Merry Bites™ into stars... Totally optional, of course!



Rinse strawberries and blueberries and let them dry. Cut strawberries into quarters.  Arrange blueberries first in top left quadrant of a rectangular platter.  Line up Lemon Macaroons in two stripes; one to the right of the blueberries and a second below the blueberries.  Fill in with the strawberries, making sure to situate them face down and red side up for best presentation.

Optional: Use one bag of Lemon Macaroon Merry Bites™ as stars!  With a small paring knife, carefully trim a small triangle out of the round macaroon. Repeat this 4 more times until you've gone around the circumference of the macaroon. Place the finished stars atop the blueberries. 

Serve and enjoy!