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Raw Recipes: Orange Butter Lettuce Salad

At Hail Merry, we believe that nature got it right the first time! Eating foods as close to their natural state as possible not only tastes better but gives you good glow! That is why our gluten-free dessert snacks are dehydrated at low temperatures rather than baked, and crafted with pure ingredients like organic extra virgin coconut oil from pristine tropical groves and organic maple syrup from Vermont family farms.

Taste, Enjoy, Glow!

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Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Easter Recipes: Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Thyme Pecans

Merry’s Gluten-Free Easter Feast is a vegetarian celebration of spring featuring this zesty Roasted Asparagus Recipe with Hail Merry Lemon Thyme Pecans.

Easter is the splendiferous spring rite of family, friends and tradition. Who doesn’t love dyeing eggs in hues of pastel blue, lavender, pink and pale yellow? Or enjoying a weekend filled with Easter egg hunts, parades, bunnies, and delicious fresh food that happens to be vegetarian and gluten-free to feed your body royally?

Merry’s Spring Holiday Menu is all about eating more plants, a vegetarian celebration of spring. After a day of nibbling on jellybeans and chocolate eggs, we start the feast off with an appetizer assortment of fresh cut vegetables, olives and gluten-free crackers served with a creamy Raw Ranch Dressing and an exotic Brazilian Nut Hummus.

Next comes the resurrection of spring, represented by a vegetarian supper of delicately seasoned Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Thyme Pecans (recipe below), an alkalizing Kale Salad, an earthy Polenta with Creamy Wild Mushroom Sauce, and Roasted Rainbow Maple Carrots with Sunflower Seeds. (See our vegan substitutions below.)

The grand finale is a dessert spread of heavenly Lemon, Coconut and Chocolate Miracle Tarts and Macaroons  with fresh berries and green tea.  A blissful ending to a miraculous day!

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.  ~S.D. Gordon


Hail Merry’s Spring Vegetarian Feast Menu

Crudité with Raw Ranch Dressing

Brazilian Nut Hummus with Gluten-Free Crackers

Assortment Olives

Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Thyme Pecans (recipe below)

Kale Cranberry Salad

Polenta with Creamy Wild Mushroom Sauce

(Vegan Option Substitution: 1/2 cup reduced fat sour cream= 1/4 cup coconut milk)

Roasted Rainbow Maple Carrots with Hail Merry Sunflower Seeds

Vegan Option Substitution: 1/2 tablespoon Butter = 1/2 tablespoon Coconut Oil

Assortment Hail Merry Miracle Tarts and Macaroons with Fresh Berries

Green Tea

Featured Recipe: Roast Asparagus with Hail Merry Lemon Thyme Pecans

2 pounds medium asparagus, trimmed
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon fresh lemon zest

1/2 cup feta cheese, crumbled (optional)

1/2 cup Hail Merry Lemon Thyme Pecans

1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Spray baking sheet with olive oil.Toss asparagus with oil, salt, and pepper. Arrange on baking sheet and roast for 4 minutes, turn. Continue roasting until asparagus is just tender when pierced with a fork, about 8-10 minutes.

2. Transfer to serving plate and sprinkle with lemon zest, feta and pecans. Serve immediately.

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Hail Merry & Whole Foods Market

In this informative and entertaining Whole Foods Market video, Hail Merry Founder, Susan O’Brien, talks about the company’s core values and food philosophy.

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Sierra’s Hail Merry Testimonial

Join Brand Ambassador, Sierra, on a journey to her happy place with a Hail Merry Chocolate Miracle Tart.

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